Brew Pub

What is the difference between a brewer, Class 1 & Class 2 Brewer and a Brew Pub?


·         Permitted to manufacture an unlimited amount

·         Must sell to importing distributors (Non-Resident Dealers) or Distributors (Brewers)

·         May not self-distribute

·         Brewers are permitted to sell beer manufactured by the brewer on the premises (tap rooms).    They may not sell wine, spirits or beer not manufactured by the brewer.

Class 1 Brewers

·         May only manufacture 30,000 barrels (930,000 gallons or 413,333 cases) of beer per year and may self-distribute up to 7,500 barrels (232,500 gallons or 103,333 cases) of beer per year in Illinois 

·         May not own a brew pub

·         May sell their beer at the production facility (tap room).  The above guidelines apply.

Class 2 Brewers

·         May manufacturer up to 120,000 barrels (3,720,000 gallons or 1,653,333 cases) of beer per year. 

·         May not self-distribute.

·         A Class 2 Brewer, or Non-Resident Dealer, who brews fewer than 120,000 barrels of beer per year across all commonly owned locations inside and outside of Illinois may sell at retail from no more than 3 locations in Illinois. These may include 3 brew pub locations, 3 tap room locations, 2 tap rooms and a brew pub, or 1 tap room and 2 brew pub locations. All amounts are accumulative, and they may not be a part as a member of or affiliated with, directly or indirectly, a manufacturer that produces more than 120,000 barrels of beer per year or any other alcoholic liquor.


·         May manufacture up to 5,000 barrels of beer per year per location.

·         May not self-distribute

·         May sell beer for off premises consumption purposes to consumers (known as non-licensees) and to distributors and importing distributors.

·         Are regarded as a specialty retailer; therefore, they may operate an unlimited number locations provided that each location is licensed separately and that they are not affiliated with a Class 1 or Class 2 Brewer.  If they are affiliated with a Class 2 Brewer the limits apply.

·         May sell other beer, wine and spirits at retail provided it purchases said products from a licensed distributor.

·         May simultaneously hold a Class 2 Brewer’s license provided that the location is separate from the Brew Pub location