Can a distributor fix draught problems at a retail account?  If the “fix” requires parts, who is responsible for payment of the parts?  Must there be a charge for the labor to fix problems?

Servicing equipment is not a subsidy; however, retailers are responsible for the payment of the parts.  Coil cleaning is a subsidy.  Basic maintenance okay beyond that no.  Distributor can fix and charge but not pay for a third party to fix.  All parts must be charged for except Tap markers because they are considered an indoor permanent sign. RULE 210

Distributors may not give free labor on new installations.  Both labor and parts must be charged and paid by the retailer.

Retailer must pay within 30 days.

NOTE: Distributors who install draught systems free of charge or pay a third party to install a draught system for a retailer is prohibited under Illinois law.  If it is determined after investigation that a distributor has directly or indirectly given a draught system to a retailer both the distributor and the retailer will be subject to disciplinary action.  The ILCC has determined that the distributor and retailer will be fined $20,000 for each installation and will be suspended for a period not less than 5 business days.

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