Marketing & Social Media Consulting Sessions

ABDI and Matt Tanaka Marketing


We've partnered with Matt Tanaka Marketing, the beer industry marketing consultants to perform five digital marketing and social media consulting sessions with some of our members.

We wish this was a service we could offer to everyone, and hopefully someday we can. For now, we're taking requests for any distributor that might like to take part.  To apply, fill out the form below. Spots are limited, so don't delay! 

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The Agenda

Each consulting session will include a pre-meeting phone call to set an agenda, as well as a half day in-person training and consulting session. 

Matt Tanaka will lead you and your team through a number of branding exercises and online marketing scenarios, as well as equip you with best practices for how to begin to use, or improve existing digital marketing strategies. Topics covered will include: 


Social Media For Distributors
Social media marketing is important - no one is debating that, but there's a question that plagues beer distributors the country over -- does it really matter to a distributor? Our answer is yes, it does. 

Good social media is about providing unique access to something that people care about, and distributors have a ton of access. From your breweries, to your events, venues and beer personalities, you have a wealth of interesting content that beer fans in your market are looking for. Plus, if you do it well, it can help provide an audience to put your brands in front of in a local context. 

We will help wrestle through these questions, as well as being to define a social media strategy. We'll work with your team to put together a social media content calendar and start developing content. 

Online Advertising
Digital ads allow for advertisers to be incredibly specific and targeted in their approach. Are you launching a new product focused on millennials in urban environments who would describe themselves as "foodies?" You can use Facebook ads to place announcements directly into their feed. 

We will talk through the options, as well as help your team define a strategy and budget to begin an advertising campaign. 

Website Design
In 2017, if you don't have a website, you don't exist. Simply put, potential customers are looking for information online, and you want them to find you. Say a new restaurant opens in your territory, and they have a first-time beverage director who doesn't know the brands. The first thing they'll do is Google, "how do I order beer?" You want your information to appear as a result in that search.

We will talk through options for building website (from affordable to completely custom), or perform an audit on your existing site to point out ways that the site can be improved or tweaked. 

Video Marketing
According to Forbes, video will account for 80% of all consumer internet traffic in four years… and it’s no shock that 60% of marketers report to have used video in their marketing plans in 2016.

We will discuss how video can impact your brand, boost your relevancy in the market place and help grow sales, as well as different options for producing that content. 

Event Promotion And Planning
Events are key to a brewery's success. But in a market where restaurants, bars, and breweries are all competing for attention, you need to do something to stand out. Something more than just a standard tap takeover. It's much more powerful to build the kind of experiences that give beer drinkers lasting connections to the breweries you host. That's how you win fans. 

We will talk through your event strategy and work with your team to brainstorm events that reach consumers in a deeper way. 



About Matt Tanaka Marketing

Matt Tanaka Marketing is a marketing and design studio built specifically for the beer industry. They equip breweries, retailers, distributors and festivals across the country with the tools and strategies they need to reach their customers. 

On the distribution side, Matt Tanaka Marketing has worked with numerous wholesalers, from startups to third generation family companies. . They build websites, write social media strategies, plan unique events, build brands, design logos and packaging, and more, all in an effort to reach more customers and ultimately, sell more beer. 


Matt Tanaka

Matt Tanaka is a digital marketer who lives in Chicago with his beautiful wife Laura and their incredibly lazy French Bulldog, Bento. He is an experienced writer, obsessive planner and firm believer in the ability of digital tools to connect brands with their audiences.